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Not Sure What Your Business Should Blog About? Ask These 4 Questions.

You’ve hopefully decided that 2022 is the year your business jumps into blogging. It’s a low-cost content marketing strategy that can drive real results for your company, including improvement in lead generation, customer retention and search rankings. 

6 SEO Tips for Your Content Marketing

You’ve built your SEO strategy. You’ve done your keywords research and identified key search terms your business should rank for. 

Now comes the critical step: aligning that SEO plan with your content marketing strategy. Readers of the N6A blog already know why this integration is critical; but how do you go about activating the integration? How can your landing pages, product pages and blog articles be optimized for search?

How to Know Which PR Agency is the Perfect Match for You

So your business has decided to hire a new PR agency. Maybe your company is in growth mode and you’re signing an agency for the first time, or maybe you’re looking for better results than what your last agency delivered. 

4 Reasons Your PR and Marketing Should be Aligned

Irrelevant PR is dying. In its place is rising a new, outcomes-driven model built on accountability to measurable, real world results. 

As the structure of traditional PR comes down, so too do the walls that have historically separated PR and marketing teams. No longer are the two groups siloed, one working to promote specific products and services while the other focuses on improving the reputation of the business as a whole. Together, they’re working toward a unified communications strategy.

Yes, Your Business Should be Blogging in 2022

The term “blogging” conjures up days of the early internet: a time of AIM chats, MySpace and dial-up screeching. Antiquated though the term itself might seem, the actual practice of writing blog content is as relevant as ever for businesses looking to drive awareness and earn customer trust. 

5 Steps to Drive Real Business Outcomes With Content Marketing in 2022

December means your social feeds and favorite blogs are crowded with headlines like “15 marketing trends to watch in 2022.” Brands and publishers alike rush to build narratives around end-of-year data analysis and surveys, hoping to capitalize on search traffic.

These articles are often well-researched and insightful. But let’s be honest: simply detailing trends stops a step short for busy business leaders who realize marketing is a means to a business end, not a means in and of itself.

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