Paolo Ramos

Paolo Ramos is an Account Director on N6A's Professional Services team, which represents clients from professional services categories, including consulting, financial, HR, recruiting, legal, marketing, and advertising. The team has a proven track record of delivering industry-leading outcomes and are ranked consistently among the Top 10 leading agencies in the United States in the professional services specialty category.

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The 6 Tenets of an Effective Pride Month Communications Strategy

As a gay man, it’s encouraging to see companies embracing social progress and adopting pro-LGBTQ+ values to reflect the cultural evolution towards equality and inclusivity. But these have, admittedly, not always not hit the mark; in some instances they have been nothing more than a shallow attempt to profit over a marginalized community. 

Strategic Elasticity is the Most Important Aspect of PR

Two years ago, I had just joined N6A and moved to New York City to start the next phase of my PR career. I was excited to work with new and exciting clients, collaborate with my new coworkers and live out my dream of becoming a New Yorker. Then, murmurings of a mysterious new virus became too loud to ignore and, after three weeks in my new office, the shutdowns began. I, along with the rest of the world, entered our new, difficult reality. 

How PR Strategies Need to Change in This Moment of Upheaval

Always be adapting.

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