Why Marketing Leaders Want to Link PR Success to the Bottom Line

What it takes to solve the grey area of effectiveness in public relations, and key takeaways your CMO wishes you knew.

These Are the Heroes Fighting on the Frontlines of COVID-19

“Essentially Heroes” highlights the essential workers helping all of us get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marketing Leaders Share Their Secrets to PR Success

What it takes to succeed, the value of KPIs, and how to track the effectiveness of PR.

The Relationship of Children and Careers

One of the most powerful lessons that I’ve learned over the past decade was taught to me by my daughter Viviana two years ago, when she was just eight years old. I thought it was fitting to post this today on her 10th birthday.

Leveraging PR to Drive Business Outcomes: Unanswered Questions from N6A’s OR Webinar

You can only cover so much ground in one session.

In Times of Adversity, Lean on Humility and Humor

A note from Matt Rizzetta:

PR vs. Advertising: Which One is Better for Your Cannabis Business?

Both should be activated to bolster credibility and enhance profitability depending on a company’s goals and outcome objectives.

We Are All Unproven at the Next Level

The following is an excerpt from N6A CEO Matt Rizzetta's upcoming bookEmbrace the Pace: The 100 Most Exhilarating Lessons Learned in a Decade of Entrepreneurship. Pre-order your copy today online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

Always Pay It Forward

From the classroom to the board room, we all have people who have helped put us in the position that we are in today.

AMA: 6 Answers to Your Essential Content Questions

The top questions and answers everyone needs to know to create better content.

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